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We have a special announcement about Bed bugs in the North Eastern US!
•During recent years bed bugs infestations have been growing at alarming rates.
•First Choice uses the new and very effective steam treatment method in collaboration with chemical treatments. Steam is a very effective and known for its 99% kill ratio on first time treatments. It is an instant kill for not just the living bed bugs but also for killing them at their source. Thatís right it kills the live ones as well as the eggs. This is very important as chemicals will require more treatments due to having to wait for the eggs to hatch.
• At First Choice Pest Management we are doing a better job with this very affective treatment than our leading competitors at half the cost. We dare you to compare the difference.

• "First Choice Pest where quality service still counts " is more than just an advertising slogan it's the very foundation for the way we do business.

•This upcoming Season is the Season for Bed Bugs, Termites and Spiders. Owner and operator Jerry Luckner with over 30 years of experience. Fully Licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Attending regional seminars yearly to enhance knowledge.

•We Service All of the greater North Eastern Ohio Area.

•We treat every home and situation as if it were our own!, when becoming a customer of First Choice Pest Management your home or business will receive aggressive and intelligent approach to pest elimination.

•First Choice uses I.P.M. which stands for Integrated Pest Management, It is the reduction or elimination of pesticides in the inside of businesses or homes by a thorough inspection to identify harbor or nesting areas of insects and rodents.

•First Choice Pest "where quality service still counts" is more than just an advertising slogan it's the very foundation for the way we do business.

•Taking pride in serving your needs with honesty and integrity. First Choice Pest Managment is one of the fastest growing Co. in stark county with experience and knowledge through investigation on every job specializing in finding the source of the problem and eliminating it quick and as clean as possible.

Are you looking for Quality Pest Elimination that is guaranteed?

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Honey Bee swarms in bushes or tree's are removed free of charge.

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